Sunday, March 24, 2013

Poems written in my students' lit class

My acrostic poem of  last Tuesday March 19, 2013, in English Lit class discussion of late 20th c USA, using one of the catchwords

Snaking through
Urban traffic
Between cars and buses
Usually makes me feel like it’s
Ridiculous to live in the
‘Burbs and
Suffer working in the city.

On EXPERIMENTATION – catchword for Modernism, March 2013
Assignment:  Write a six-line poem with one of the catchwords.

Out of the box
Out of the mind
Look at the rocks
See a different kind
Time to experiment
Time to change

1 comment:

  1. It Arrived today!
    That new electronic do-dad,
    All wonder, and amazement,
    It looks so glorious!
    now all I need to do...
    Is take it out of the box!